What is Apple Advertising?

What is Apple Advertising?

June, 2022 — Apple currently has a minimal advertising platform that is mainly limited to search ads in their app store. Advertisers promoting eCommerce sales, offline events, or other business models are not able to use Apple Ads to grow their business.

With the release of iOS 14.5 in 2021, iPhone users are given the choice whether or not they want to have their data shared with advertisers. Reported opt-in rates vary, but every source agrees that only a small minority of users allow their data to be shared. As a result, popular digital advertising platforms like Facebook and Google have less information about how a user is interacting with their ads on third party mobile apps.

This has led to a widescale decline in digital advertising performance when compared to the period leading up to the iOS 14.5 release — particularly when those ads target the 55% of Americans that are currently iPhone users. Apple has a unique opportunity to capture market share in the $160+ billion digital advertising industry by using their data advantage to offer advertisers better performance than other platforms.

Moving forward, I intend to provide more information about the Apple advertising platform that I believe is inevitably coming in late 2022 or early 2023. I believe my media buying and digital advertising expertise will allow me to create zero-cost resources that allow other small business owners to succeed online.

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